You need to update tax codes, but you can't easily
produce a list of which company uses what tax code
  • You can't filter mass maintenance list by tax code
  • You can't filter mass maintenance list by city

Therefore, you're in for a job that will take hours to complete


  • Free Setup
  • Search and replace tax codes
  • More to come


  • $99 per year

Introducing Mass Maintenance Booster for ConnectWise
Your new enhanced Mass Maintenance tool

With our toolset, you can instantly see what tax codes are in place and update them in seconds.

Step 1

Create the new tax codes in ConnectWise

Step 2

Search for the old tax codes presently used. Companies or Agreements can be searched.

Step 3

Select which companies you want to update tax codes for, and update!

Step 4

Repeat for each tax code needing updated

Repeat for Agreements

Step 5

Enjoy the extra time you now have. What could you do with extra time?

Have a mass maintenance pain point in ConnectWise?

We will be including additional maintenance items in the future and we are always looking for new ideas.
If you would like to see something added, please let us know.